Understanding Cynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser For Varicose Veins

Understanding Cynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser For Varicose Veins

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For most people with varicose veins, it’s more like a cosmetic concern. These are swollen and enlarged blood vessels, which are typically found in the legs. A small variation of varicose veins is also known as spider veins, appear as red, blue and purple vessels. Many factors can attribute to varices, such as heredity, nature of job (people with standing jobs are more likely to have such bluish veins), obesity, hormonal changes, pregnancy and previous history of blood clots. With that said, varicose veins can disappear with the right treatment. In this post, we will discuss laser treatment for varicose veins.

Cynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser

Typically, varicose veins are treated medically with sclerosing injections, and the whole procedure is known as Sclerotherapy. The procedure is rather simple on paper – a concentrated saline solution is injected into the targeted vein, which causes the vein to disappear with time, usually over the next six weeks. The procedure is not only simple but inexpensive, as well. However, Sclerotherapy didn’t succeed to the extent that experts imagined, mainly because of limited effectiveness and pain associated with the injections.

Cynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser offers a ray of hope for the treatment of varicose veins. This kind of treatment uses two different lasers – laser Nd: Yag and pulse dye laser, also known as PDL laser. Both are combined in the same pulse, which can cause some pain during the procedure, but there will be no bruising as one would associate with sclerosing injections. This treatment is an effective solution for fine telangiectasia, which cannot be treated with Sclerotherapy. Each session at a clinic will last for about 10 to 15 minutes, and one may need a second session or even a third one, depending on the results. Usually, a gap of six weeks is maintained between both sessions.

Quick tips

Little knowledge about any cosmetic treatment can be dangerous. If you want to know Cynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser better, contact a good clinic. While varicose veins can be treated, not everyone is the ideal candidate, and only a doctor will be able to tell if the treatment will work for you. Get an idea of the costs too because this won’t be covered under insurance. It is also recommended that you check the possible side effects, if any. If you have low threshold for pain, please mention the same and ask relevant questions to your doctor.

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