Ultra Lengthy Wave Magnetic Therapy

Ultra Lengthy Wave Magnetic Therapy

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Ultra Lengthy Wave Magnetic Therapy uses electromagnetic waves which contain similar fields with this Earth. Additionally, Magnetic Ultra Lengthy Wave produces greater density wave to enhance our organs’ functions.

Professor T Fujiyama, after effectively performing tests on plants, learned that the waves can handle penetrating all sorts of matter, including non-conductors for example wood, glass and rubber. As a result, it may penetrate the body and energizes the cells.

It increases the central nervous system and internal functions of cells.

His theory includes:

1) Our cell’s magnetic pole is equivalent to the waves from Magnetic Therapy. This will cause a push backward and forward. As a result it leads to elevated productivity within the cells.

2) The ionized bloodstream cells will turn on and it is bloodstream will flow more easily. Therefore, it increases the healing of wounds.

3) Magnetic Ultra Lengthy Wave produces 60 vibrations per second to bring back inactive lymph and defense mechanisms.

Experiments have proven this Magnetic Therapy boosts the rate of growth of small creatures. Additionally, it boosts the diameter of their capillaries as much as two times its size to reduce the bloodstream pressure. The functions of Magnetic Ultra Lengthy Wave include:

1) Penetrates the body to uproot the reason for sickness

2) Gives heat towards the body and stimulate the metabolic process of cells.

3) Improve bloodstream circulation by vibrating the red bloodstream cells

4) Energizes the synthesis of old and new cells. It improves body’s defense mechanisms.

5) Improve recovery process along with consumption of medicine.

6) Take proper care of kidneys and enhance hormone excretion

Ultra Lengthy Wave Magnetic Therapy improves the cell’s immunization against radiation. In excess of 10 years, Magnetic Therapy has been utilized to enhance patients struggling with high bloodstream pressure, apoplexy, heart illnesses, bronchial asthma, unstable hormone secretion and fractured bones. Today Magnetic Ultra Lengthy Wave can be used as just about any condition.

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