Looking Forward to Buying Real Anwar from an Online Source?

Looking Forward to Buying Real Anwar from an Online Source?

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These days, in most of the advanced countries, it is really difficult to buy genuine Anavar, unless you have a prescription from a doctor. This drug was developed during sixties and now this anabolic steroid is available under the brand name of Oxandrolone Anavar. This drug is in high demand all over the world and therefore if you search online then you can find plenty of suppliers. However, it is for buyer’s interest to do proper research about the supplier, who can provide genuine stuff manufactured by some reputed pharmaceutical company.


Let us know about Anavar Oxandrolone

Anavar is also an anabolic androgenic steroid and many of its properties are more or less similar to testosterone. However, Anavar is much milder and safer option as compared to many other similar steroids available in the market.

You can get it either in the form of tablet or as a cream or in the form of injection. People like it because there are very rare chances of any side effects. If you maintain within 10 mg dose then you are quite safe with Anavar. In case, you are too reckless and start taking overdose then you are inviting trouble for you. That way every medicine no matter what, you need to use certain precaution and Anavar is no exception to that.

Dosage recommended during cutting

If you take Anavar orally then taking 10 mg is quite a mild dose. However, if a woman exceeds this limit then she may get into trouble with her menstrual cycle. Many may also get the feeling of vomiting, nausea and less inclination towards sex. Some may also suffer from liver problem and in extreme cases there may be cancer too.

Women who are pregnant and wish to be pregnant must avoid taking this drug. Children and people with kidney problem should also avoid this drug. In case, anyone observes too much tiredness or dark urine or sudden pain in the stomach must see the doctor immediately.

Anavar if exceeded in the dosage limit may also lead to neurological problems, sleeping disorder, anxiety as well as oily skin. Some women may find genital deformities. In case, any such problem is observed then you must immediately visit the doctor.

How to find real Anavar?

Avoid buying Anavar made by any lab and also those manufactured by any third world countries. Always ask the supplier about the name of manufacturer and the country of manufacture. There are plenty of spurious drug suppliers available online hence before buying, you must do good research about the supplier.

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