Ensure Natural Smile with Dental Implants

Ensure Natural Smile with Dental Implants

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A dental implant refers to the replacement for the tooth using dental implants. These implants retain artificial teeth and are the orthodontics anchor points.

Replacing missing teeth at https://centredentairestonge.com/implantologie/ implies a dental implant may support your dental prosthesis. There are modern dental implants making use of the bone that tightly fuses to the surface with specific materials such as ceramics and titanium. The strong joint may support without failure physical loads.

However, for individual tooth replacement, there is a need for implant abutment that is secured first with and abutment screw to the implant. A crown is connected with a small screw, dental cement or is fused with abutment during fabrication.  Dental implants provide the function, feel and appearance same as your own natural teeth.

When is it used?

The implants of single-tooth may be useful when people miss one tooth or more. An implant is places surgically in an opening in the jawbone by your dentist. Once the implant attaches or integrates with your bone, it acts as a root replacing the missing tooth. In fact, a crown cap looks like natural tooth such that it fills the missing tooth space and is attached to the implant.

This procedure is time consuming and this process can be done only if your jaw has enough bone. This bone must be strong to support the implant and hold it. If there is insufficient bone support, a procedure known as bone augmentation or grafting is done. Thus, apart from the surrounding tissues and natural teeth, the implant to be placed area also must be in good health.

How Do They Work?

A tooth that is implant-restored consists of several parts.

  • The implant made of titanium is in the jawbone places either lower or upper.
  • The abutment may be in titanium, porcelain or gold. This will be attached with a screw to the implant. This part connects the implant as a natural tooth to the crown.

The restoration is made of porcelain fused in combination to metal alloy. It can be all porcelain or metal. The crown is screwed or cemented onto the abutment. In case the crown is screwed, the screw hole is covered using composite, a tooth-colored filling material as the restorative material.

The Implant Process

Completing the crown and implant time frame depends on several factors. Though the traditional method of implant placing is used, it takes around five months as the shortest time to complete the implants in the lower jaw and for the upper jaw it takes six months. Of course, this period includes the surgeries, permanent crown placing and may be a year or more, if your bone requires building up.

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